Thursday, July 03, 2008

OvidSP next release date announced

There will be a further release for OvidSP on Thursday, 31st July. Contact them for details.

Important updates and new features include:

Search Tab Additions and Enhancements – A new Multi-Field Search tab provides multiple search boxes for assigning specific fields that allow for a more targeted and specific search experience. Plus, we’ve streamlined the main search screen with a sleeker and more intuitive user design.

New and Improved User Workflow Tools – Flexibility and speed are crucial to research workflow. On July 31st, you’ll find new collapsible Search Aids, Results Manager, and Search History (also moveable); browser support for adjusting font sizes; enhanced annotations; and more. Plus, we’ve expanded email capabilities to ease collaboration between users and their colleagues.

My Projects Workspace Area – This new feature is a direct result of our customer feedback. My Projects provides a workspace for assembling and organizing research findings, so you can manage them in a way that works for you. Linkable from every page in the application, you can upload saved searches, results, images, and more.

Introducing Ovid Universal Search – A new, premium search offering! Ovid Universal Search is breakthrough technology that delivers cross-platform content searching - all within the OvidSP interface. Available as an add-on solution, Universal Search provides unlimited potential for searching full text wherever it resides. Plus, Ovid Universal Search allows you to use many of the great search tools from Ovid like saved searches, annotations, and now My Projects!

The July 31st release also will include multi-lingual support for French-, German-, and Spanish-language interfaces.

"... the OvidSP Resource Center continues to be your source for information and news on the upcoming release. Over the next 5 weeks, we’ll add new training schedules and tutorials, screen shots, and new and revised marketing materials you can use when promoting the release to your users. "