Friday, September 19, 2008

JIBS Workshop: How to compete with Google

The next JIBS User Group workshop will be:

How to compete with Google: Simple Resource Discovery Systems for Libraries

November 13, 2008 at the Diskus Conference Centre in London.

The idea for this workshop was sparked by a recent discussion on the 'lis-infoliteracy' list: is information literacy training essential for students to get the best out of their library resources or should we just be making our resource discovery systems easier to use? The debate will be summarised by one of its protagonists, Mark Hepworth of University of Loughborough. Maggie Fieldhouse will provide an insight into the information seeking behaviour of students and researchers. We will then look at some new 'one-stop shop' library products: Primo, Aquabrowser, ELIN and Encore, which are beginning to be introduced into HE libraries in the UK.

The intended audience for this workshop is librarians from UK HE and FE institutions. Priority bookings will be allocated accordingly but we welcome applications from other interested parties.

For a full programme and booking form please visit the JIBS website: