Thursday, March 12, 2009

Beilstein and Gmelin via Reaxys

Reaxys is Elsevier's new Web-based workflow solution for scientists in chemistry and related disciplines based on the combined content of Beilstein, Gmelin and the Patent Chemistry Database. Reaxys provides unlimited institutional access to a superior source of validated experimental reaction and substance data together with intelligent and intuitive ranking and filtering, analysis and an industry-leading synthesis planning tool. If your research is in synthetic chemistry, drug research, catalysts, or material science: Reaxys helps you in optimizing synthesis planning, reaction searches and finding and analyzing substance data. To
get more information and subscribe to our Reaxys newsletter please go to: CrossFire users, as well as completely new users, will immediately see the advantages of Reaxys.

The Elsevier A&G sales force will be responsible for the sales of Reaxys. Currently, the Elsevier Sales organization is being expanded to include Product Sales Managers with a unique understanding of your specific needs. Preliminary discussions have already begun with JISC, and we look forward to sharing more information with you regarding the transition to Reaxys in
the very near future.

We appreciate your feedback and will keep you up-to-date on further developments. We look forward to continuing to work with the JIBS-user group in the development and rollout of Reaxys and appreciate your valued input.

Encourage chemists at your R&D departments to find out more about Reaxys, give feedback or sign-up for the newsletter at

Best regards
Eva Seip
Marketing Manager

A powerpoint presentation is available at:

Posted on behalf of Eva Seip by Linda Humphreys

OvidSP searchterm highlighting

Expected this month a further enhancement to OvidSP.

"... improving the accuracy of highlighting in OvidSP for both Basic Search as well as Advanced Search. Only specific search terms used will be highlighted; these will be highlighted in yellow. Expanded terms will be highlighted in red."

The next release of OvidSP will be live at the end of March!

Customizable Search Fields – Display frequently used fields in a new MyFields tab-you no longer have to select them each time you perform a search since OvidSP will remember them each time you log in. Easily add or remove all other fields-now located in a Show All tab-based on your preferences.

Limit-to-Star-Ranking – Limit searches to generate results with a specific ranking, such as five or four stars. Remember-ranking denotes relevancy; five stars indicate the highest relevancy.

Limit Date to Last – This new “rolling limit”, i.e., “Limit to Last 3 Years”, will allow users to generate the latest results of a given time period, so they can easily identify the most current information.

Set up to receive AutoAlerts on a quarterly basis.

You will be able to select “current” (i.e., “Limit to 2006-Current”), rather than a specific year, as your end date ...

Clin-eguide customers only – You will find a new link from the main search page of all search modes directly to the Clin-eguide homepage.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

downtime in JIBS website 27-29 March

BUCS engineering work over the
weekend 27th - 29th March (
means that the jibs website ( will be unavailable