Friday, December 05, 2008

ONIX for Licensing Terms project - call for participation in community consultation

Managing the terms and conditions associated with every licensed electronic resource is a key challenge to libraries. Over the last 18 months, JISC Collections has been working with the international standards body EDitEUR on the ONIX for Licensing Terms project. The aim is to meet the needs of librarians by developing the tools and formats to express the range and complexity of licensing terms in a structured machine-readable format that can be communicated between systems using a standard XML-based schema.

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Podcasts: JISC Collections AGM 2008 presentations

In addition to the formal part of our Annual General Meeting, we also include a conference element to this event, which is based around a central key, topical theme. This year the theme was on "Text Mining", which was presented by an expert panel of 4 speakers. Listen to the podcasts or view the slides of these presentations, which we hope you will find useful.

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Excellent response to new journal archive purchases

A total of 104 institutions have already signed up for access to one of more of the four new journal archives that have been purchased by JISC Collections as part of the UK National Academic Archive. The most popular database so far is Periodicals Archive Online with 97 institutional subscribers.

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Developing sustainable business models for e-textbooks - contract awarded for new study

Establishing sustainable business models for online textbooks is an imperative for the UK academic community, as well as for publishers and aggregators. In view of this, JISC Collections has commissioned an important new study:
1. To explore the existing landscape in terms of the demand for and supply of e-textbooks, and the barriers to widespread provision.
2. To identify business models to trial involving a selected group of publishers, aggregators and higher education libraries.
3. To make recommendations about the most appropriate e-textbook business models in terms of overall sustainability, profitability and value for money.

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NESLIi2 SMP (Small to Medium Sized Publishers) Initiative - 19 publishers now participating and over 520 journals available

In response to institutional demand, the NESLi2 SMP initiative was launched last year to offer the UK academic community access to journals from a broader range of publishers. After a very successful first year, a further 7 publishers will participate from 2009, and over 150 additional journal titles will be available. This means that, in total, NESLi2 SMP offers a total of 520 journals from 19 publishers.

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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

State Papers online from Cengage

For more information and to request a free trial please contact:

1509-1714 State Papers


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"State Papers Online, 1509-1714, is a groundbreaking new online resource for the study of Early Modern Britain and Europe. By reuniting State Papers Domestic and Foreign with the Registers of the Privy Council and State Papers in the British Library, the collection creates a new backbone for research and teaching in politics, government, social economic and religious history. The project benefits from a close partnership with The National Archives, London ...

"State Papers Online, 1509-1714 reproduces the original historical manuscripts in facsimile linking each manuscript to its corresponding fully-searchable Calendar entry. By overcoming the challenge of matching an individual Calendar entry to the original Paper, State Papers Online 1509-1714 marks an enormous advance in historical research.

"State Papers Online will be published complete over the period 2008 - 2011 in four cross-searchable parts and will be available in libraries on subscription or by purchase. Part I is due for release in November 2008, followed by Part II in March 2009. An edition for more general use will be introduced when the full project is finished in 2011.

"Part I: The Tudors: Henry VIII to Elizabeth I, 1509-1603: State Papers Domestic
Containing 380,000 facsimile manuscript documents linked to fully-searchable Calendar entries, Part I delivers the complete collection of State Papers Domestic for this era. Every facet of early modern Government is detailed including social and economic affairs.

"Part II: The Tudors: Henry VIII to Elizabeth I, 1509 – 1603: State Papers Foreign
Containing around 560,000 facsimile manuscript documents linking to fully-searchable Calendar entries, Part II reunites Foreign, Scotland, Borders and Ireland papers for the 16th century together with the Registers ('Minutes') of the Privy Council.