Friday, January 16, 2009

Springer Advisory Summit

Springer invited a number of UK academic librarians to spend the day sharing views. A briefing on company strategy was followed by candid discussions e.g. taking eBooks to complete adoption, licensing, Open Access and Author Pays. Launching innovative products and purchase decision-making in our present financial climate could put publishers in a hard place?

Over two centuries of British Periodicals available free to universities, colleges and research councils in the UK

British Periodicals Collections I and II, which is now available free of charge to colleges, universities and research councils in the UK. JISC Collections’ purchase of the archive on behalf of these institutions means they can enjoy free access via ProQuest’s web platform to nearly 500 periodicals, which represents over 250 years of content that covers the arts, the built environment, humanities and social sciences.

This Collection has been purchased by JISC Collections on behalf of the UK academic community and is part of JISC Collections' UK National Academic Archive. Find out more about how this archive can be used in Higher and Further Education.

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The Burney Collection of 17th and 18th Century Newspapers – free and available online

The largest single online collection of English news media from the 17th and 18th centuries – the Burney Collection - is now available free of charge for the first time to Higher and Further Education institutions and Research Councils across the UK.

The Burney Collection offers unique insights into two centuries of history through access to over 1,270 newsbooks, newspapers, pamphlets and a variety of other news materials published in England, Ireland and Scotland, plus papers from British colonies in the Americas and Asia.

Digitised through a partnership between the National Science Foundation and the British Library, and then developed and hosted online by Gale/Cengage Learning, the digital version of the Burney Collection has been purchased in perpetuity by JISC Collections on behalf of the UK academic and research community at a national level following an open and transparent procurement process.

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