Thursday, June 29, 2006

Research Information Network (RIN)

Yesterday I was at a presentation organised by RIN

Handling the scientific data deluge…
Making research data more freely available…
Interoperating between heterogeneous Web databases…
Exploiting the potential of the Semantic Web and Web 2.0…
... data webs and semantic web developments; there were even more acronyms than usual but David Karger from MIT was talking about Piggy Bank (a Firefox plugin) and their Haystack Project

RDF seemed to be the key acronym, but SPARQL SOAP FOAF were also flung around.
- the presentations should appear on the RIN website

Also mentioned "Haskell" functional programming language


Met a woman called Sabine who probably runs "3D Metrics"

Visual Data Intelligence exists as a software prototype that demonstrates new mathematical methods for -

interpolation creating new ‘datascape visuals’
extrapolation allowing not only forecasting but also ‘back casting’
layering multi-dimensional data allowing for new visual comparisons.

"Visual Data Intelligence is currently used as the engine for a prototype web service producing financial forecasts with exceptional accuracy. See This service is provided by my company 3D Metrics Ltd. "

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