Friday, February 09, 2007

JIBS Enhancement Groups

The JIBS committee has been represented for some time on the Web of Knowledge Enhancement Committee, together with Thomson ISI, JISC and MIMAS. This provides us with an opportunity to gather news on developments to pass on to the community, and enables us to feed back suggestions for product enhancements to ISI.

JIBS has recently set up a number of new enhancement groups with Ovid, British Standards and Scopus. We are hoping to have new groups in 2007 for Intute and EBSCO.

Are there any other suppliers that you would like to see JIBS work with in this way?

For example:
Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (databases); CSA Refworks;
MDL (Beilstein); Dialog;

Can you suggest any others? Please either email me directly: or attach a comment to this posting.

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