Monday, April 30, 2007

Core reading list e-books for the JISC national e-books observatory project: the bids are in!

The deadline for the submission of core reading list e-book bids was Monday 23rd April. JISC has received a number of bids from publishers and e-book aggregators hoping to partner in the national e-books observatory project. The bids will now pass through the first stage of the evaluation process which entails marking by the project board against the criteria specified in the tender document.

The successful bids will then move to the second phase of the evaluation process. This is where details of the titles included in the successful bids and other relevant information such as platform functionality and availability will be made available to the UK HE community through a consultation process.

The consultation will start in mid June and run to the end of July. The consultation process will provide all UK HE institutions with the chance to pick titles that are relevant to their courses and to see what titles are being offered. The most popular titles will then be placed onto a priority list and assessed against the budget available. There will be information on the licensing, the platforms the titles will be available on and functionality being offered. Further information will be circulated shortly….keep an eye on or sign up for the RSS feeds.

Further details are available here

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