Friday, May 25, 2007

NESLi2 Licence - latest version is now available to view

The NESLi2 Licence for journals has been updated recently and the current version is now available to view on the NESLi2 website at

The main changes to the licence are outlined below:
  • the ‘Authorised User’ definition now includes ‘retired members of staff and any teacher who teaches Authorised Users in the United Kingdom’
  • the ‘Secure Authentication’ definition now includes reference to ‘UK Access Management Federation compliant technology’
  • 5.1.11 is a new clause regarding post cancellation access and the dark archives a publisher uses
  • 5.1.12 is a new clause relating to compliance with the Code of Practice of Project Transfer
JISC Collections' appointed Negotiation Agent, Content Complete Ltd shall be using this latest version in their negotiations with publishers for 2008 agreements.

To find out more about the NESLi2 initiative, please see the Guide to NESLi2.

Further details are available here.

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