Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A century of parliamentary papers made available online: 18th Century Parliamentary Papers

Public and private sector partnership makes a massive record of 18th century parliament free to UK colleges, universities and research councils

Through an innovative public/private cooperative publishing model, ProQuest has partnered with JISC, The British Official Publications Collaborative Reader Information Service (BOPCRIS) at the University of Southampton, the British Library, and the University of Cambridge to make available the Eighteenth Century Parliamentary Papers free of charge to universities, colleges and research councils in the UK.

Staff, students and researchers will have access to content from 1688-1834. Through an initial grant from the JISC, the Eighteenth Century Parliamentary Papers has been digitised by BOPCRIS. ProQuest through this partnership, will provide an interface for this content and make this important dataset completely cross-searchable with their 19th and 20th Century Parliamentary Papers- a detailed primary source for the past two centuries for Britain, its colonies and the wider world.

Further details can be found here.

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