Wednesday, April 23, 2008

British Education Index (BEI)

"The British Education Index (BEI) is designed to aid the identification of appropriate literature by people investigating aspects of education or training."

About BEI

"The Index provides details about the contents of various literature sources: over 300 education and training journals published in the British Isles, similar report and conference literature, and texts in the Education-line collection."

"...description of the subject content of literature [is] by use of a consistent vocabulary (the British Education Thesaurus) designed specifically for this purpose. This attention to detail distinguishes the Index from similar discovery tools."

I understand BEI may hold an event for stakeholders in the autumn, considering the delivery of BEI to the HE/FE sectors and addressing whether there is a model of the BEI as a "public good".

BEI homepage

mailto: bei at leeds ac uk

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