Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Forthcoming changes to the JISC Collections Subscriptions Helpdesk

From 1st August Content Complete Limited will provide the JISC Collections subscriptions and help desk service.

Please note that from 1st June all invoices for the resources you subscribe to will be issued on JISC Collections’ invoices and and not Swets invoices. These invoices will still be sent to you by Swets. Payment will need to be made to JISC Collections bank account, details of which will be on the invoices. If you have any questions up to the period of July 31st, please contact Swets Information Services as usual.

We would be grateful if you could set up your systems to accept and process invoices from JISC Collections from 1st June. From 1st August, invoices will continue to be in the name of JISC Collections, but will then be sent to you by Content Complete Ltd.

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