Wednesday, February 11, 2009

CrossFire and Reaxys

The current CrossFire Beilstein and Gmelin agreement which your institution has signed is due to terminate on 31 October 2009. You may also have heard something about a new product from Elsevier called Reaxys.

We would like to tell you about Elsevier's plans for CrossFire and its successor product, Reaxys.
1. In January Elsevier released Reaxys, a new purely web-based application for organic and inorganic chemists and related scientists. Reaxys is based on the combined content of the Beilstein, Gmelin and Patent Chemistry databases. It will provide all of the functionality of CrossFire and more. For further information please see

2. CrossFire will be supported by Elsevier until the end of 2010. Elsevier, JISC Collections and Mimas are in discussions about an extension of the current CrossFire Agreement, and of the Mimas CrossFire service, until end-December 2010. We hope to have further information for your institution about this extension in the near future.

3. Elsevier are currently discussing academic pricing and an agreement for Reaxys with JISC Collections. The Mimas and the JIBS User Group will be evaluating Reaxys and we will pass on feedback to you. Reaxys will be available for trial by your institution - please look out for further details which will be circulated in the near future.

Posted on behalf of Sean Dunne, MIMAS

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