Thursday, March 12, 2009

OvidSP searchterm highlighting

Expected this month a further enhancement to OvidSP.

"... improving the accuracy of highlighting in OvidSP for both Basic Search as well as Advanced Search. Only specific search terms used will be highlighted; these will be highlighted in yellow. Expanded terms will be highlighted in red."

The next release of OvidSP will be live at the end of March!

Customizable Search Fields – Display frequently used fields in a new MyFields tab-you no longer have to select them each time you perform a search since OvidSP will remember them each time you log in. Easily add or remove all other fields-now located in a Show All tab-based on your preferences.

Limit-to-Star-Ranking – Limit searches to generate results with a specific ranking, such as five or four stars. Remember-ranking denotes relevancy; five stars indicate the highest relevancy.

Limit Date to Last – This new “rolling limit”, i.e., “Limit to Last 3 Years”, will allow users to generate the latest results of a given time period, so they can easily identify the most current information.

Set up to receive AutoAlerts on a quarterly basis.

You will be able to select “current” (i.e., “Limit to 2006-Current”), rather than a specific year, as your end date ...

Clin-eguide customers only – You will find a new link from the main search page of all search modes directly to the Clin-eguide homepage.

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