Sunday, November 15, 2009

RIP for A&I Services?

JIBS Workshop and debate on the future of abstracting and indexing services was held in Manchester. In the present mood (HE budget cuts) indexing services with little added value could be vulnerable. Overlapping services need rationalising. Indexing needs to be high quality, and abstracts need seamless linking to quality assured fulltext.

Excellent speakers and a frank debate of the issues made the event well worth the trip. Which services have one foot in the grave?

Can clever algorithms meet the differing needs of student essay-writers and doctoral researchers?

Would we prefer our A&I services to carry advertising, as google and facebook do?

Can EndNote with PubMed meet all the needs of a biomedical faculty?

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Adrian Smith said...

Serials Solutions "Summon" is going ahead at Liverpool and Huddersfield. See the Liverpool URL: