Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Research evaluation event brief survey results

A survey was sent out to attendees prior to the JIBS research evaluation event to find out about how institutions are supporting research evaluation and the tools they are using.

  • Most respondents to the survey are librarians indicating that the role of supporting the institutional repository (IR) or working with the Research Office on current research information system (CRIS) developments is just another responsibility to fit in with their main duties.
  • About half of respondents (25) have some kind of system for managing research most using a commercial system (16) or using in-house solutions (9). The other half does not have a CRIS.
  • Only 34 people responded to question 6 (If you do not currently have a commercial CRIS, are you investigating the possibility of buying one?), with 10 aware of plans to purchase a commercial system in their institution. The majority did not know (15) or didn’t answer (19), illustrating that the library is not always included in these decisions and much depends on the working relationship between the Research Office and the Library and whether there is already an institutional repository in place.
  • Just over half of people did not answer question 7 (If you are a librarian/repository manager were you involved in the choice of the CRIS?), because it was not applicable to their role, grade or area of responsibility.
  • A quarter of institutions have a CRIS (25) that integrates primarily with the institutional repository (20) and the web pages – staff profile pages (16) and departmental web pages (8).
  • Of the 24 people who support bibliometrics, 19 have sole responsibility for it within the library service. Only 2 people provided comments in response to the question about other departments providing support with 1 referring to a bibliometrician who carried out this function.
  • Overwhelming interest in joining an InCites mailing list (91%) indicates recognition of the importance of bibliometric tools. However take-up is likely to be hindered by budget constraints and less involvement with bibliometrics. A mailing list provides opportunities for InCites users to share information about its use with each other and the wider sector. The library can play a role in advising the Research Office to purchase InCites, rather than purchasing it as part of a library budget.

In summary, no clear picture has emerged but more discussion and sharing of experiences / good practice may see more uptake / understanding of bibliometrics and the need for repositories and CRIS to work together. But this depends on the institutional structure and level at which decisions about these services are taken and implemented.

The findings of the JIBS survey will be disseminated and available on the JIBS website after the results have been fully analysed.

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