Tuesday, October 10, 2006

BSOL developments

BSI intends to improve BSOL search/browser functions in the next 6 months by implementing a new search engine. These improvements, which will involve migration of the site, will be phased with plenty of warning for users and Athens access will not be effected. The new search engine will be provided by Endeca http://endeca.com/ - a guided search - so subject and key-word searches should be vastly improved. The BSOL shop will be separated from the standards collection which should allow clearer display of search results for subscribers when in the database. The search engine change will happen in the early part of 2007.
There will be no major development to the present interface and search engine but work is carrying forward to fix bugs.
Endeca software is used by a range of information providers including the Guardian and NCSU library

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