Tuesday, October 31, 2006

JISC consultation on journal backfiles

Since August 2004 JISC has licensed the following journal archives on behalf of the higher and further education communities:
*Royal Society of Chemistry Journals Archive
*Institute of Physics Journal Archive 1874-1998
*Oxford Journals Complete Archive
The cost of acquiring such resources is beyond the means of most institutions, but JISC funding makes the content available to all UK higher and further education institutions free and in perpetuity. The availability of these online archives not only means that valuable library space can be freed, but that all students and staff can easily use previously inaccessible or rare material at the desk top.

In order to make sure that future procurement of journal archives is driven by the needs of institutions and their users JISC Collections would be grateful for your feedback on the following questions:

1. In your opinion does the continued licensing of journal archives represent a sensible investment of JISC Collection’s content procurement budget?
2. If yes, what are the journal archives currently available that you would like to see JISC Collections consider for procurement?
3. If no, what content do you feel JISC Collections should invest in?

Additional comments are welcome to all of the questions and the responses will be collated and made available to all respondents in the new year.

Please respond to Liam Earney, Collections Manager, L.Earney@jisc.ac.uk by 1st December.

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