Monday, June 18, 2007

Satellite images of the British Isles to be made free of charge to the JISC community - Satellite Image Data Service

JISC funding for the Satellite Image Data Service means that from August 2007, UK further education, higher education institutions and research councils will be able to access this resource completely free of charge.

The Satellite Image Data Service is a MIMAS service that provides access to and support for a range of satellite imagery for the British Isles for research and teaching purposes. The Satellite Image Data Service provides access to satellite imagery for UK coverage from four satellites; Landsat, SPOT, ERS and ENVISAT and also hosts a KGPS survey for the British Isles. The satellite data can be used as stand alone, with image or graphics software, or with other mapping data, e.g. Ordnance Survey data. A Digital Elevation Model of the whole of the British Isles at 25-metre resolution is available. A series of image processing courses for remote sensing is available free of charge to registered institutions.

Further details can be found here.

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