Tuesday, June 26, 2007

British Standards Group News

The JIBS BSOl group had a productive meeting with BSI on the 13 June. Members of the group had been given access to the first draft of the new version of BSOL and had already sent some comments. Members of the group had been impressed with the test site and agreed that searches on it are far more effective than on the present site. However they highlighted several issues relating to faults, the use of Boolean logic in searches and on the design and layout of the new site.

BSI were very receptive to the comments and suggestions made by the group and were aware of many of the faults. They are in dialogue with the company working on the product. Implementation would not go ahead till bugs had been fixed and some design changes made. Implementation for larger users , like Universities, would be unlikely to go ahead until mid to late September at the earliest. BSI recognised that the University sector preferred changes to software to be in the summer and not in term time but they were determined not to implement software until it met the standards required by their users.

Roger Hines

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