Monday, June 18, 2007

Trialing and testing Journal Business Models: final report is now available

In 2004 JISC commissioned a study of online journal business models. This was undertaken by Rightscom in collaboration with Information Power and the final report was published in April 2005. Following the publication of the report, JISC decided to try and test two of the models addressed in the Report. These were:

• PPV Converting to Subscriptions (PPV)

• Core Plus Peripheral (Core+)

JISC commissioned Content Complete Ltd (CCL) to find possible participants from the publishing and library communities and coordinate the testing of the models by way of trials, and these took place during 2006. The trials involved 5 publishers and ten university libraries. Two of the trials addressed variations of the original Core Plus Peripheral model and the three other trials addressed variations of the PPV Converting to Subscription. The report based on Content Complete's Ltd's main findings and recommendations to be made is now available.

Further details can be found here.

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