Monday, July 16, 2007

Frequently Answered Questions on subscribing, renewing JISC Collections licence agreements and invoicing

This FAQ section is intended to answer the common queries regarding the subscription process, renewals of existing agreements and invoicing.

Once an institution has submitted a Sub-Licence Agreement, the JISC Collections Helpdesk can normally invoice within 1 day of receipt of the licence. The JISC Collections Helpdesk are able to generate invoices for institutions at any time, even part way through a subscription period.

The JISC Collections cannot raise an invoice until they have received signed copies of the Sub-Licence Agreement. However they can raise a pre-payment invoice if institutions email or fax them a copy of the Sub-Licence Agreement, provided this is followed with a signed copy in the post. This can be particularly useful at this busy time of year and when institutions want to pre-pay before the end of the financial year.

Where a JISC Collections agreement will not be renewed, the JISC Collections will not be able to raise new invoices once that current agreement has come to an end. In those cases existing subscribing institutions will be contacted to notify them that the respective agreement will not be renewed.

If you have any further queries, please contact the JISC Collections Helpdesk at or on 01235 857 734.

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