Thursday, July 12, 2007

MIMAS Open Forum

ESRC and JISC are funding MIMAS projects which give longterm security e.g. census work for ESRC until 2011, ESDS, Satellite Image Data, Intute until 2012.

Wellcome will fund the UK mirror repository: UK PubMedCentral

Keith Cole will be the next Director of MIMAS (from November) following Julia Chruszcz, and MIMAS will become an autonomous entity within the University of Manchester.

MIMAS has a new logo (still based on Saturn's rings) and has added a strapline: Quality Data and Information at the Core of Research, Learning and Teaching

Mark van Harmelen spoke on Web 2.0 technologies: effects on policy, learning and teaching

Stuart Smith showed some developments in delivering to mobile devices including XHTML-MP and "maxdox", see

AIRDIP and other repository projects are centred on INTUTE (not just INFORMS) and include cross-searching of repositories and authority indexing of author names in repositories.

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