Wednesday, July 04, 2007

JORUM enhancement committee

At the March meeting of the JORUM Enhancement committee, the following enhancements were identified as a result of the JORUM user evaluation groups (in order of priority):
Better layout of resource information
Explanation of All / Any functions
Creation of training videos for putting JORUM content into VLEs
Incorporation of sound into JORUM training videos
Improvements to Basic search box
Change terminology of ‘Organisation’ view to ‘Navigation View’
Icons to represent common resource type (i.e. single file, Weblink, content package)
Simplification of registration process
Provide ability to link resources together
Show similar objects function
Improved layout for advanced search
Simplification of options for narrowing down a search
Ability to collate resources as subject collections
Tabbed approach to metadata
Improvement in ‘Refine results’ function
Automated reports for cataloguers to list resources they have worked on
Reserved area for remembering metadata pages
Ability to order content by date contributed
Allow users to tag content with additional metadata
Replace icons for preview and additional metadata with text links
Send to a friend option
Aggregation of resources in the system
Recommended resourcesImplementation of tag clouds

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