Wednesday, March 05, 2008

OvidSP next ... new features in April

"...many users prefer to use a system that offers native language interface support. In fact, SilverPlatter customers have enjoyed this feature for some time. With the 1.1 release, French, Spanish, and German customers will have the option to view OvidSP in their native language."

"...the following enhancements will also be included in the early April release:

* After performing a search, the OvidSP screen will remain at the search field rather than “jump” down to the results. While initially our research indicated that our customers would prefer to be brought immediately to their results, subsequent feedback has indicated otherwise.

* Improvements to the Results Manager and the abstracts display.

* Improved functionality of RSS feeds in Internet Explorer 6, which has some known issues with standard RSS feeds.

* Exporting of annotations to EndNote, RefWorks, and other standard citation managers.

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