Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Copac: trial of new interface

There is a new Copac interface available for testing. You can access this by selecting the Copac v3 link below the 'Enter Copac' button on the Home Page:

Note that the interface is still under development and not all the usual features are available. The colour of the interface will change before the live version is released.

Please send comments on the new interface to the Copac Helpdesk: copac@mimas.ac.uk
- tell us what you like and don't like about it. If you have any difficulties using the interface can you email us details of the problem, plus the name of the web browser you are using (and the version number if possible).

The new interface is accessing the new XML database. This database is still growing so may be slow at times as it is very active. You may find more record duplication than normal, this will disappear as the database is completed. Not all the usual library catalogues are available, the 'Libraries' list on the search screens shows the catalogues that are currently included on the new database. Libraries are being added to the list as their data is loaded.

All feedback appreciated.

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