Wednesday, November 08, 2006

OvidSP enhancement meeting

OvidSP enhancement meeting at Waterloo Road, 3rd November

Gary Horrocks, Adrian, Mike King and Rowland Somers met with Ovid. A number of concerns had been raised by email and will be addressed by Ovid e.g. JISC had asked us to raise Shibboleth/Access Management Federation ...

Several issues can be resolved by local customization and Ovid will contact the customers concerned.

Ovid are working with Development Partners on the new common platform (engine to interface) for OvidSP for release in 2007. We have concerns about the time available to prepare training material for September 2007 but individuals, rather than institutions, may be able to choose when to migrate to the new platform (which means institutions may have to aggregate usage statistics for people using different interfaces?). Development Partners are bound by a No Disclosure clause; the databases already loaded are Medline, BIOSIS, INSPEC, PsycINFO and EMBase.

Databases are at present compressed - as they had to be when delivered on CD-ROM and this is no longer necessary (in fact constant decompression accounts for a significant load on processors) and the reload of databases for OvidSP will allow Ovid to remove this compression.

ClinicalResources@Ovid is available, ask for a quote or trial; this provides a federated search of Ovid's relevant resources within a "walled garden" - not yet customized for England (e.g. NICE Guidelines should be included?) but could be tailored for Wales, Ireland, Scotland etc.

Fulltext developments include pre-patent disclosure information on INSPEC.

BIOSIS (Biological abstracts from 1926) and Zoological Record (from 1864) archives should be loaded for December 2006 and are offered in modules, or complete. Ask for pricing information.

Ovid loaded PsycCritiques in September and have developed deep portal linking for APA resources. This could be implemented locally at no cost.

Midwifery and Infant Care database is already on SilverPlatter (WebSPIRS 5.1) and will be loaded for Ovid Gateway users "from December".

GeoScience World (GSW) collection now has 39 journals (peer reviewed) from 22 societies.

CAB Abstracts Plus is a fulltext upgrade, available for Ovid and WebSPIRS.

EBMR enhancements for 2007: will include Cochrane CDSR PDFs (full text), Cochrane database of methodology reviews, Cochrane methodology register, HTA (Health Technology Assessment) database load & NHS EED (Economic Evaluation Database) load.

LWW journal archive available November 2006 - this is a one-time purchase on a site license basis. Only available complete, no pick and mix.

Drugline is one of this months free trial resources:
look out for fulltext formulary and handbook information from AHFS with Drugline.

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