Monday, November 20, 2006

Web of Science Enhancement Committee (WoSEC)

WoSEC met on 30th October.

There is a new Key Account Manager for the UK, Jon Stroll. Email:

JIBS requested an improvement in backup capacity for when hardware problems occur, as was the case in October. Capacity is "being worked on".

We welcomed the improvements to author searching which have already been made and noted the introduction of full author names in the Q3 upgrade. These will not be searchable until a sufficient body of data has accumulated.

JIBS tabled an updated version of the WoS wishlist. Outstanding requests include:

  • Reducing the list of ‘stopwords’ that cannot be searched
  • Standardizing journal abbreviations used in citation searching
  • Introducing a facility for export into RefWorks

There was also a discussion on the accuracy of the 'average' usage statistics, which are influenced by federated search engines.

Minutes of the meeting will be posted on the JIBS and MIMAS web sites when available.

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Ross MacIntyre said...

As agreed at the WoSEC Meeting, we have made available the raw anonymised data for institutions, grouped by JISC Band.
This was to counter (no pun intended) high usage at certain sites which skewed the avaerages and was actually down to federated seraches, sometimes completely automated.
Happy to take any comments or suggestions.
Ross MacIntyre
MIMAS WoK Service Manager