Wednesday, February 13, 2008

JISC Collections appoints new partner to administer online resources agreements

Since 2001 JISC, and more recently JISC Collections, has outsourced the back office subscriptions and helpdesk administration of the agreements it negotiates on behalf of the UK academic community to a third party. This allows the negotiation team to concentrate fully on the task of negotiating the best possible financial conditions and compliance with the JISC licence, knowing that the post-agreement helpdesk and administration is in the hands of customer service specialists.

For 7 years, this supporting role has been provided by Swets, and institutions will be familiar with working with staff at Swets and with making their payments for particular resources to Swets on behalf of JISC Collections.

Following a tender exercise undertaken at the end of 2007, JISC Collections has awarded the new contract to provide this service to Content Complete Limited (CCL), who will be well known to many institutions from their work as the NESLi2 Negotiation Agent. In addition to their role as the Negotiation Agent, CCL provides a dedicated helpdesk relating to NESLi2 matters and for the last two years has been administering the NESLi2 Closed Consortium/Single Payment model, whereby a single payment is made to selected NESLi2 publishers on behalf of subscribing institutions.

In making the decision to change the existing arrangement, Lorraine Estelle, CEO of JISC Collections, is keen to express her gratitude to Swets for the excellent work they have done in fulfilling this role since 2001.

Further details can be found here.

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