Friday, February 22, 2008


Some highlights from our JIBS enhancement group meeting with Ovid in February 2008:

The "Ovid Syntax" tab has been changed already, to "Advanced Ovid Search". Customers can select whether "Basic" or "Advanced" should be their institution's default option on opening OvidSP.

We expect some further improvements, an incremental release, to address workflow concerns after Easter 2008. There may also be a more significant release, later in 2008.

There will be more eBooks from Springer, Humana and Oxford University Press. A few Medical Schools have not taken up the free titles available from Ovid through the JISC Observatory project.

New journals in 2008 will include titles from the LWW/AHA "Circulation" stable.

Available only with Ovid - Ovid Nursing Full Text PLUS is a comprehensive and cost-effective single source of premier current journal content from Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, combined with a powerful bibliographic tool from the National Library of Medicine.

"Midwifery Digest" is awaiting archival material; it complements "Maternity and infant care". MIDIRS "Informed Choice" leaflets for patients and professionals will also be available.

The Patient (ADIS) is a new holistic, patient-centred magazine.

WAO Journal from the World Allergy Organization will be published online only.

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