Sunday, February 03, 2008

Personalisation for the Information Environment

There's a basic webpage at the
JISC website

JISC is considering ways by which services could be "personalised" to meet the needs of individual users.

This could be by means of:
* customisation - where a user can explicitly choose some behaviour of the service they are using
* adaptive personalisation -whereby the service tailors its output without user input. This can be either:
- based On Data held elsewhere - for example by the user's institution (APOD)
- by observing User Activity (APUA)

there are questions about if and how personalisation should be realised, and whether it is better handled by the data services, or by (for example) a portal at a user's institution.

* is there a demand for personalised services? What good examples already exist?

What further use-cases are there?
* to what degree institutions have personalised their internal services?
* how would institutions feel about supporting a personalisation infrastructure which may require transfer of personal information outside an institution?

This project is being carried out for JISC by

Max Hammond

Curtis+Cartwright Consulting Ltd.
Main Office:
Surrey Technology Centre
Surrey Research Park
Surrey GU2 7YG

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